Statement regarding Miniature and Toy Australian Shepherds

Recently there has been a rise in the movement to breed the Miniature Australian Shepherd. The Miniature Australian Shepherd and the Toy Australian Shepherd are not recognized "OR" considered varieties of the Australian Shepherd by the following organizations:.

  • The American Kennel Club -
  • The United Kennel Club -
  • The Australian Shepherd Club of America -
  • The Canadian Kennel Club -
  • United States Australian Shepherd Association -

Since these dogs are not AKC, UKC, ASCA or CKC recongnized/registered, they cannot be verified as purebred, and therefore are "NOT" considered Australian Shepherds. Clemwood Australian Shepherds does not support the purposeful breeding of Miniature Australian Shepherds or Toy Australian Shepherds. We also feel that breeding away from the standard for a diminutive dog and misrepresenting themselves to the public for profit is inexcusable.


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