Beliefs & Goals

At Clemwood, we have a small breeding program, normally producing 1-2 litters per year.  We are “committed to a new level of excellence”, and our goal is to produce the very best dogs for conformation, performance and loving companions .


All dogs used for breeding are evaluated based on a variety of criteria including:

  • genetic health (a passing OFA rating for hips and/or elbows and eyes
    checked/cleared yearly by a certified veterinary ophthalmologist)
  • structure
  • movement
  • temperament
  • pedigree
  • soundness of body and mind

Clemwood Puppies:
Clemwood puppies exemplify our level of excellence.  All puppies are raised in the house underfoot and socialized as family members.  We evaluate our puppies carefully to determine their structural, genetic and tempermental qualities. This process allows us to select the appropriate placement of each puppy. Open communication is always encouraged with prospective homes so that we may determine the right dog for you and your family.


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At Clemwood, we strive to find a permanent and loving home for every dog we sell.  We provide a full contract and warrantee on every dog we place in a show or pet/performance home, be it an adult or puppy.  This contract provides mutual assurances...that you will receive a quality dog and that dog will have a quality home.  All dogs not shown in conformation will be sold with a limited registration and are required to be spayed/ neutered.   We do ask for a deposit, to be refunded when proof of the alteration is given.  
A copy of our Puppy Questionnaire and Contract is available upon request:
When inquiring by email, please put “Aussies” in the subject line.


At Clemwood, we offer:

  • Stud service to approved bitches
  • Puppies to approved homes
  • Adults occasionally to approved homes

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