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I was first introduced to Aussies in 1987, when I met my husband Matt. He had a pet Australian Shepherd (NSDR) named Frank (old “blue eyes”).  I fell in love with the breed and in 1993, we added another Aussie  (a “show” dog) to our life-- a cute little red merle girl named Lucy (bred by Mitzi Cupp-Weeks, Siena Kennels).  Soon we found that we could not have enough of these “new friends” around the house.  We started buying more show quality Aussies and before we knew it, two became three, three became four and since then, our lives have never been the same!


We purchased our “dream cabin in the woods”, on 67 acres, complete with a creek running through it, an abundance of wildlife, a 3 acre pond, trees and lot of land for us and the dogs to explore.

Our beautiful heated/air conditioned kennel we built for our special “fur” friends.


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